To attain this, Swedbank needs employees who balance work and life as well as an open and inclusive corporate climate. We thus try to create a working environment where everybody consciously manages health risks and where all employees are offered the right conditions to maintain or improve their physical, mental and social well-being. All forms of harassment at work are unacceptable and we are working towards a working environment where all employees can feel good and perform well.

Working environment measures in Swedish operations

Through preventive measures, the bank works to reduce sick leave and increase the proportion of long-term healthy staff. In cooperation with occupational health, Swedbank in Sweden is actively working with wellness.

  • Company health representatives and health promoters engage and inspire colleagues as well as provide support to managers who are responsible for a good working environment. They inspire and engage their colleagues in taking responsibility for their health and well-being, thus reducing the risk of illness. The goal is to have concrete health plans focusing on energy and recovery through health promoting activities.
  • The bank has common and structured ways of working for managers to act preventively on early signals of illness among employees.
  • The bank's managers are trained in employer rehabilitation responsibilities.
  • There is also a clear monitoring of employees on long-term sick leave and focus on those who are often on short-term sick leave.
  • Central Health and Working Environment Committee (C-HWEC) meet on a quarterly basis and work to promote a healthy working environment as well as to systematically investigate risks, undertake measures, and follow these up at local and central levels.