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Our values – open, simple and caring – are reflected in everything we do. Working here is about creating value for our customers, our colleagues and society. Inspiring and learning from one another moves us forward, and by working together we make a difference.

Since 1820 Swedbank has been the bank for the many households and businesses. We are a modern financial services platform focused on customer satisfaction. Our goal is to encourage people, businesses and society to grow by promoting a healthy and sustainable economy.

Employee value and the prerequisites for good performance are created through inspiring leaders, by promoting diversity and equality within our workforce, providing opportunities for development, and ensuring that we have an inclusive and sustainable work environment. We promote a sound work-life balance, as we believe that happy employees are engaged employees. We believe you would be happy here too.

Job openings

Current vacancies in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We have an open, simple and caring culture with high engagement

We encourage a culture built on trust, respect and our values – open, simple and caring. We always aim to have good leadership which inspires and supports our employees.

Societal engagement, responsibility and sustainability are important to us. We integrate sustainable economic, social, environmental and ethical thinking into everything we do.

Every day we work to be an inclusive organisation. We embrace diversity as well as equality, and we want everyone to feel included, appreciated, motivated and devoted to each other, our vision and our customers.

Sustainability and society
Job at Last program for foreign-born academics
Equality and diversity at Swedbank

Find challenges that inspire you – We stand behind and support you

Because we work in a rapidly changing environment, it is important for everyone to take control of their own development. Our extensive international job market offers a variety of career paths and development opportunities. We believe that a continuous performance and development dialogue will keep you motivated and engaged to help strengthen customer value.

You lead your own development. We trust you to find challenges that will develop you in the desired direction to fulfil the bank’s vision and goals – and to increase customer satisfaction.

International job market within the bank

We have an inclusive workplace with flexibility and balance in everyday life

We strive for an inclusive and sustainable working climate through flexibility and balance in everyday life, supported by a dynamic and ergonomic environment.

We believe it is important for your well-being and motivation is to have the autonomy to influence your work and improve your work environment. This helps you to be efficient, creating the right conditions for you to be healthy and achieve a good balance between your work and private life.

Healthcare for our employees

Sharing knowledge and working together makes us successful together

Working together is what’s most important to us. When we share knowledge with each other we grow as a company and as individuals. We want you to continuously fulfil your potential and create value by delivering high-quality financial products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. We offer a competitive benefits package which is reviewed regularly. We strive to have a culture based on learning and sharing, where we acknowledge and celebrate our achievements. This is essential for all of us to succeed.